Dystopian Future Vol. 1. First on Sounds for Synth!

Dystopian Future Vol. 1 is the debut release from Brandon Clark, a new soundset containing 64 patches for Absynth 5. It consists of desolate, gritty, and sometimes melancholy soundscapes that are ideal for cinematic and dark ambient projects. The idea behind Vol. 1 was to convey a fictional story about a desolate and hostile future where survival is the only goal, and shelter is few and far between.

“(This place) presumed to be a town then, but was hardly more than a word under a tin roof.” – Beryl Markham

Dystopian Future Vol. 1 is attractively priced at $9 – get it here.


May 5th, 2015|

Artmosphere, New Soundbank for Serum

We got new sounds for Serum synth! Ambient pads and atmospheric pads by South Korean sound artist WeatherM.

50 pads, atmospheric sounds and other various sounds plus 32 additional wavetables useful for ambient music. All with well-programmed macro knobs that will add another artistic taste to your tones and sounds.

Get Artmosphere here.


May 2nd, 2015|

New sounds for Sylenth1, Harmor, Massive and Zebra2

The portfolio of South Korean sound designer Byeongseon Mun also known under his artist name WeatherM has been added to Sounds for Synth. The sounds by WeatherM share a beautiful eastern oriented ambient nature with shimmering atmospheres and fragile pads very suitable for ambient, cinematic and atmospheric drone music. There are soundsets for Massive, Sylenth1, Harmor and Zebra2 and all are very affordable!

See the portfolio of WeatherM on his page here.

To the left is ‘The Planet’ WeatherM’s soundset for NI Massive containing 60 presets in total. $12 +VAT in EU.


April 18th, 2015|

Botanica for Zebra 2

Cover ArtAdded the Botanica soundset by Eclipse Sound containing 54 Patches for Zebra 2. Ethno-tropical soundset with a gentle breeze of warm equatorial regions. Attractively priced at $9 +VAT in EU.

“Zebra Botanica is a really nice set of sounds… the whole thing feels very organic to me. Almost like a collection of real instruments, found scattered around a tropical forest. There is a lot of color in the instruments, they’re vibrant and alive.” – Review by rekkerd.org (8/10)

April 10th, 2015|

We got new sounds in store!

Electronisounds-EdmVigilanteForSerum-1500We got new arrivals in store by Xenos Soundworks and Electronisounds and among them, the new EDM Vigilante for Serum.

100 patches and 48 exclusive custom wavetables appealing to producers of many different genres and the all-new wavetables are perfect for those of you who like to experiment and design your own sounds!

April 5th, 2015|

100% Synth Sounds – 20% discount!

Welcome to the new Sounds for Synth! We have migrated to a brand new and much better shopping system that are streamlined, clean and simple to use. We are re-opening with a 20% discount on all soundsets in the Sound Shop until April the 3rd – just enter newsoundsforsynth in the coupon field at checkout to receive the discount.

We got exclusive soundsets only available on Sounds for Synth, we also got soundbanks by many world renowned sound designers such as The Unfinished and Rob Lee and Luftrum to name a few – and we are also the only site carrying the widely popular and attractive priced TAL soundset duo by Kimik (plus the newly released Odyss!).

We got new sounds from A-Z from Absynth and Zebra 2 and any synthesizer in between.

100% Synth Sounds. Enjoy!

March 24th, 2015|

Migrating Sounds for Synth to new system.

We have decided to migrate to a new and better shopping system. There were too many issues with the old system from awkward product management to soundsets disappearing in customer accounts and unstable shopping carts. We expect the migration to take approximately 10 days and we hope the new interface and clean layout will reflect in a better and smoother shopping experience for our customers.

We will not be able to migrate customer accounts, so you will need to create a new account or just checkout as guest. All orders made on the old website are safe with us and if you need access to any previously purchased soundsets then just send us an email and we’ll quickly grant you access.

We hope you will enjoy the new Sounds for Synth.

Soren H.
CEO and Founder
Sounds for Synth

March 15th, 2015|