New sounds for Spire!

Essential Deep House & Garage is a collection of 128 skillfully programmed presets created over a 2 year period for Reveal Sound Spire. This soundset is aimed at providing essential sounds for any Deep House or Garage style track, but the sounds could easily be adapted into any type of electronic music with a deep atmosphere.

The pack contains a broad variety of sounds programmed specifically with Deep House and Garage genres in mind. Fat deep and plucky synth basses, loads of gorgeous chord stabs and pads, leads and the ever so important plucks to add the melodic sugar on top of the arrangements.

Get Essential Deep House & Garage here.


August 15th, 2015|

FREE soundset for Absynth 5, only available on Sounds for Synth.

Voyage 442-b contains 40 free presets for Absynth 5, that mainly consist of ethereal, uplifting, dark, and melodic sounds. In these are a mixture of pads, soundscapes, melodic sequences, and a smaller variety of other types, such as rhythmic and experimental presets. Voyage 442-b is heavily inspired by the NASA Kepler missions whose primary goal is the inevitable search for other habitable planets.

The free soundbank is exclusive to and only available on Sounds for Synth!

Download Voyage 442-b right here.


June 25th, 2015|

New Soundset for Hive. All pads!

Underwave Theory was born for your tone works. This soundbank consists of 60 sounds and they are all… pads! You can use the trance pads to assist to shape your dance music or use them as main sounds for ambient. If you are looking for good Hive pads, Underwave Theory is the solution.

$10 + VAT in EU. Get Underwave Theory right here.


June 15th, 2015|

Totally Rad 80s

With 64 warm and nostalgic oldschool patches ‘Totally Rad 80s’ answers the requests by our Sylenth users for a collection of retro synth sounds. These fat and beefy basses, creamy vintage leads, nostalgic pads and classic style synths will take you back to the 80’s.  Whether you produce oldies covers, house music, chillout or hip hop, this collection of presets will add that special yesteryear spark to your tracks.

Velocity and the modwheel are routed to every patch for added expressiveness.

$10 + VAT in EU. Get the retro soundset here.


June 10th, 2015|

More Zebra2 sounds by The Unfinished!

Four amazing Zebra2 soundsets by The Unfinished are added to the sound shop. To the left is Zebra Elysium, 128 patches full of of blissful leads, kinetic basslines, hypnotic sequences, brooding basses and sumptuous pads.

Inspired by modern film scores that ripple with delicate, infectious analogue synths, Elysium packs a subtle punch. Think of the soundtracks of Cliff Martinez, James Newton Howard, Tom Tykwer and Henry Jackman, add in a little Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, and a sprinkle of BT and M83… that is Elysium.

$30 + VAT in EU. Get Zebra Elysium here.


June 4th, 2015|