Dark Prairie, New Soundset for Serum

Dark Prairie is a sound set for Xfer Records Serum that is heavily inspired by today’s aphotic film, and game soundtracks. Containing dark ambient/cinematic atmospheres, unnatural, and organic sound effects, industrial bass/ percussive hits, and experimental synths that humbly try to reflect the exploratory nature that resides in most of us.

Dark Prairie is fitting for those seeking new sounds for their next Cinematic, Ambient or Industrial composition, or for those just looking for something a little more experimental and unconventional.

Get Dark Prairie here and listen to the audio demo below…

January 9th, 2016|

25% Off! December Sale.

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. Here at Sounds for Synth our early present for you is a 25% discount valid until December 25. Just enter hohoho in the discount field at checkout.

Shop among soundsets from world class sound designers and synth soundsets to over 40 synths from Hive to Omnisphere 2 over Serum to Diva, Absynth, Dune 2 and many many more.

Merry Christmas!


December 17th, 2015|

Land of Chimera, only on Sounds for Synth

Land of Chimera is a brand new sound bank containing 80 presets for U-He Hive, that focuses on cinematic, ambient and electronic. Inspired by imaginary lands, and exotic creatures that exist between the darkness and the light.

The sound bank contains a collection of patches ranging from dramatic brass, and wayward atmospheres, to melancholy strings, hopeful sequences and unusual sound effects.

Land of Chimera is a Sounds for Synth exclusive and only available on Sounds for Synth. Get Land of Chimera here and listen to the haunting audio demo below…


October 18th, 2015|

Luftrum Ambient 2

Luftrum Ambient 2  is a handcrafted collection of 128 quality patches inspired by classic sci-fi movies as Blade Runner, Interstellar and Gravity and designed to compliment film scoring and electronic ambient productions.

Ethereal warm pads, carefully designed synth emulations, suspenseful arpeggios, beautiful strings, underscoring soundscapes, unique cinematic synth leads and dark intriguing bass sequences – inspired by the creativity in sounds from Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Steven Price, Royksopp, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream.

Get Luftrum Ambient 2 here and listen to the Vangelis inspired demo by Torley below.


September 25th, 2015|

Artisan EDM for Dune 2 – 50% off for 7 days!

Artisan EDM for Dune 2 features 100 presets including electro basses, inspiring leads, side-chain “pumping” sounds, driving plucks, chilled and evolving pads, tempo synced arps and sequences, FX sounds and drum sounds for all your EDM production needs.

This bank of skillfully crafted patches will bring you instant inspiration. The sounds are based around a new custom wavetable with 64 all-new custom waveforms. These brand new waveforms allow for new and unique sounds and timbres that were not possible with DUNE 2 until now!

Get Artisan EDM for Dune 2 with a 50% limited discount here.


September 20th, 2015|